Horror Tour Guide Kids: Face Your Fears


Face your fears is a child friendly web series from the Horror Tour Guide.  Join Jonias as he visits Congo River Golf where kids can play Miniature Golf, Gem Mining, go through a laser maze, play video games and Feed and Hold Alligators. Yikes!

Cindy Sanabria
Directed by
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Written by
Music by
Vikkie and Samie Cross
Jonias Sanabria

I was living in Florida, hard at work for the Horror Tour Guide and planning for a visit from my daughters when Cindy Sanabria came up with a great idea for a web series.  We were planning on taking the kids to Congo River Golf, where they not only got to play miniature golf but you also got to feed and pet real life alligators.  The perfect premise for a kids show that helped kids face their fears and this is the first episode.