You Can Run

Angela knows there is more to her life than she can reach right now. She knows she can be something more than just a party goer. When she reaches out for help she finds herself falling deeper and deeper into her alcoholism and drug addiction. Can she find the support she needs from family and friends or will they become her down fall?
Jason J. Cross
Directed by
Digital Juice
Jason J. Cross
Written by
Music by
Sarah Yu
Julia Bernal
This was my thesis film that was an against all odds film. My teachers tried to convince me that I shouldn't do this film because it was too long and I wouldn't have enough time to complete it and they were almost right. I had a tight schedule and a really good cast and crew. Everything was moving smoothly until the weekend before the film was due when the worse happened - hard drive failure. Determined to get the project done on time I got myself some caffeine and prepared to do the impossible - recapture and re-edit the whole project. I started working that Friday night and finished it on Sunday night - no sleep just straight working. It was good to be young, because I don't think I could pull that off again. Going without sleep for so long got me so sick that I had to have my girlfriend - at the time - deliver it for me. So I was able to complete the project that everyone thought couldn't be done. So that is the story behind the story. You can purchase this film from my store.