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Vikkie decided she wanted to play some baseball and asked if I could help her. So I taughter her how to hold the bat and how she she should stand (before you start correcting me, she is not standing the way I taught her in the picture) and then we started practicing.

At first she would swing at everything and often miss. I said nothing to discourage her and kept telling her to keep her eye on the ball, as well as having to keep correcting her on her stance.

Then I threw the ball, she swung and hit it in just the right way that it flew in the air and way way back. I turned to her and screamed, "That's my Girl!"

With that comment her face lit up and her smile was huge. I jumped around with her like she just won the World Series. She was so happy and excited.

The rest of the time we played she wasn't able to hit it like that again, but it doesn't matter. Seeing her face light up so much by one single comment really made my heart feel so completely happy.

I love being a Father!

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