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Meet The Cast of "Got To Eat!"

Characters from "Got To Eat!"

The Film has been completed and will be officially released on May 23rd 2020 9 PM EST here. In the meantime, let's get to meet the cast, shall we?

In Alphabetical Order


Libbie Baylinson lives seasonally between East Hampton, NY and Vero Beach, FL. She enjoys acting, voice over acting, singing, playing the violin, and hosting trivia. When Libbie is not on stage or in front of a microphone, she is usually babysitting, traveling, or playing with her adorable yellow parakeet, Lemy.


Libbie is on Instagram as @LibbieBaylinson 


I fell in love with voice acting because I can continue to express my creativity

through my voice, without the great need of being the focal point. I absolutely live for

telling other’s stories no matter what that story may be or what medium it calls for. I am

truly in my habitat when I am in my studio.

I am looking forward to a successful future that allows my talents to expand into

bigger things, such as television voice over and animation.

So far I have successfully accomplished numerous projects that involved such a

variety for my voice over career. Some of these projects I speak about are social media

ads voice over, podcast introductions, character voices for children’s audio-book,

dubbing, cartoon impersonations, promo trailers and so much more.



Kevin has been fascinated with the world of storytelling ever since he could understand How To Give A Mouse A Cookie. He was the only kid in elementary to get "candidly" photographed whilst engaged in fiction during class periods, the 5th-grade winner of the book challenge for which the grand prize was a limo ride to an ice-cream store, and the self-proclaimed hobbit of the school library. It was clear that since Kevin was young, his interest in the corporeal world was vastly exceeded by the world of Fiction. 

    In the present day, Kevin's purpose is to help others tell stories - so that he may one day consume those stories as well. Storytelling comes in many forms, and one of Kevin's primary ways that he helps others is through acting, be it seen or unseen. Kevin plans to create a podcast in early 2020 in which he discusses all the aspects of storytelling in mediums people do not frequently consider mediums anyone would be telling stories.



Born and raised in New York. A Long Island boy, with a very diverse NYC background. Experienced in the arts with an uncanny ability to improvise. A natural with accents and convincing body language. Excellent character development. Super creative and sometimes twisted. Quick witted, articulate. Effective. Imaginative. Unique. Risky. Focused. Enigmatic. Consummate professional. Athletic. Love to cook and bake. Restore antiques. Paint and play guitar. A hint of boyish charm. FAA certified and professionally trained.


Well that is the cast of "Got To Eat" and I am very excited to work with such talented group of people. Be sure to join our mailing list to keep up with updates on this project - as well as other projects that we have in the works - and check out our Patreon page for behind the scenes pictures and stories as well as get early access to our projects.

Till next time, stay Entertained.

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