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Dear Children

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Dear Children

Please forgive me

Don’t believe those

Who said that I flee

From me

You were hidden

As much as I tried

I was forbidden

As hard as I fought

As hard as I pray

Nothing could stop

Them taking you away

I thought our family

Could stand stormy weather

But the strong winds came

And we didn’t stay together

Dear Children

Please forgive me

For our family’s death

What wasn’t meant to be

There was a time

I loved your mother

My love wasn’t enough

She wanted the arms of another

I begged and pleaded

With you in the other room

She refused with a smile

Then left me in my tomb

Off she went

And took you with her

And before I knew it

The truth began to blur

Dear Children

Please forgive me

For a side of her

I just didn’t see.

I wanted you to stay

Never wanted you to leave

This may surprise you

Considering the lies she weaved

The wicked plan set forth

Before I could awoke

I could not stop

Before becoming broke

Dear Children

Please forgive me

For there is a system

That ignores A father’s plea

I fought with all I had

After that I fought some more

With all my being I pushed

But the system closed the door

All the facts I tried to present

But the judge couldn’t bother

Who cares about the rights?

Of a sad and poor father

So visitation is denied

You not allowed in my life

Not for anything I done

But for the lies of an ex-wife

Dear Children

Please forgive me

Without you

I just cannot be

With Child support so high

I can barely feed myself

While she laughs and spends

How does she live with herself?

Here I am missing you

Crying alone in a dark room

Pistol shaking in my hand

Waiting to hear the final boom

I fought for my rights

Only to find I had none

With the only hope I have

Is at the end of this gun

When a good man

Is portrayed at the baddie

Who just wanted the honor

To be called Daddy

There is nothing I can do

Not hearing your voice for goodbye

There is nothing left for me

Nothing left but for me to die

To my dearest Children

Who was taken from my life

I’m sorry I couldn’t do more

Hoping to see you again in the afterlife


If you, or anyone you know, is suffering from alienation, please know you are not alone. Please reach out for help.

Crisis Intervention -YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! 907-312-5552

If you are feeling on the edge and you feel you might hurt yourself, please don’t. Please call and talk to us. We are not Attorney’s, Psychologists, or Counselors. We are Fathers that care

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