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Gabrianne Ivery: Innocent and Soulful

Gabriannne plays Emila in "A Mother's Love." When hearing her Audition I was blown away by the emotion the came from just her voice alone. I am not her mother but I felt the need to run out and save her.

Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

I am an actress that is currently based out of North Carolina. While improving my craft and gaining experience in acting, I am also studying Cell/Molecular Biology and minoring in Theatre Arts, Dance, Music, and Chemistry at Appalachian State University. I have been involved in acting since I was very young at various church plays, but my first production was Sound of Music with the Overlook Theatre Company, which is a community theater company. Since going to college, I have loved training more formally and learning about various techniques.

Can you describe what influenced you to pursue a career as an actor?

I was home schooled all my life, which, I believe is a large starting source for me becoming an actor and artist. In homeschooling, my parents put the arts on an equal plane with science and mathematics. Creativity was a part of daily life in how we thought about different ideas and how we solved problems. I loved the feeling of performing and loved to pretend to be another character. As I studied acting further as I got older, I deepened that interest while studying different techniques. I fell in love with the introspective nature of acting and being able to empathize with a character. I found that I loved the creativity in creating a world surrounding my character. Acting became a way to express myself in a deeper manner than any of the other arts, as it involved my whole body and mind.

What kind of roles do you think you are best suited for?

I have been told that I have a very “innocent” look, as well as a rather soulful voice.

What kind of roles would you love to play in the future?

I have a few roles that I would love to play: one is a girlfriend/wife. I had a chance to play a Rom-Com scene, and I would love to do that again. The other role is an action-hero type role. I love to be physical and would love a shot at that.

How do you rehearse a scene if the other actors you need to interact with in the scene are not available?

Firstly, I make sure to interpret and understand the other characters in the scene. Sometimes I will record myself speaking their lines so that I can practice with a “partner.” Additionally, I try to picture the other character in my mind while I am working the scene. Finally, I picture someone I know in my mind when I say the line, and say it as if I am talking to them.

Where do you go to practice loud vocal exercises?

My car. Or I hold my breath and hope my neighbors don’t get mad at me. Lol.

What steps do you take to fully understand the importance of your character to the story?

I first read the script and write down my initial reactions to the lines in the margins. From there, I gain a larger understanding of the character's objective and overall life objective/goal. I then see how that objective relates to the objective of the entire story. I like to develop a backstory or an autobiography of my character. In that autobiography, I come up with past experiences that have led to why the character reacts as they do and their relationships with other characters and the story. In doing this, I can usually get a good idea of my character’s importance to the story.

Who do you consider to be your acting role model whose career you would like to emulate, and why?

I don’t necessarily have an acting role model that I would like to emulate. I have looked at several, but I know my journey, as well as everyone else will be different.

What is the first thing you do to research and approach a role?

I always start with the objectives of my character in each moment of the scene.

What is your favorite project that you have worked on and why (except this one of course LOL)?

Probably my favorite project was the COVID Chronicles. It was just a special production because it was about COVID when the pandemic was kind of just starting. The people involved were the sweetest and being able to perform at that time was just very memorable. Also, because it was about COVID during COVID, it was very relatable.

Describe your most challenging role to date.

A few months ago, I played a Chief of a police station in a musical. I think that was the most challenging role just because my character and her life experiences were just very different from my own. However, it was a lot of fun to do, and everyone involved was amazing!

What kind of movies are your favorite?

They are a little different, but I love action/adventure and musicals.

What would be your advice be for someone who wants to become an actor?

Be prepared for hard work. Acting is one of the toughest disciplines, and least respected. But it is one of the most rewarding, fun, and rewarding discipline. One of my Acting teachers used to tell the class that actors find the fun in all of the moments: they find fun in the hard moments and in the tears, not just the funny times.

What are you working on now?

Currently, I am applying and auditioning!

Where can people find you online?

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