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I will sit in the back of the courtroom and watch you. I have come here every day since the trial began. I watched as you slowly lost hope as the evidence piled up against you.

First, there were the eyewitnesses. Your attorney rightfully argued that it was at night and from a distance. The person they saw was wearing a generic hoodie that you just happened to own. Tried as your lawyer did, he couldn’t get the eyewitnesses to change their minds or even doubt their testimony.

Then there was the video footage from the security cameras. I have no idea why the Prosecutor even used this. The footage was so bad, you could barely see the hooded man in it. It really could have been anyone, which your lawyer pointed out.

Then there was DNA evidence or the lack of this evidence. No DNA evidence was found at the murder scene. Not even a single fingerprint was found. I guess that information was not important enough to sway the Jury. They came down with a guilty verdict and the courtroom cheered.

It got so loud with their cheers of approval that you would have thought you were at a sporting event. It took a while for the Judge to calm everyone down.

I saw the shock and fear on your face. You almost collapsed in your chair. Luckily your lawyer was there to hold you up.

For a split second, my heart really felt for you. That look on your face, the tears that fell from your eyes, I really did feel bad for you. My heart went out to you knowing the trouble you were going to have in prison. I wanted to reach out and give you a hug.

It was only for a second though. I immediately felt relief and complete joy. I couldn’t help but laugh at the whole situation. You see, you were convicted of crimes that I committed. You are going to pay the price for my actions.

I get up to leave. This was a fun bit of theater for me. Great show though I am not really interested in the final act of this performance.

Now the family will get up and talk about how they feel about your crimes and how it affected their lives. I really could care less about that.

I have places to go and victims to meet. I really am grateful to you and the great show you were a part of. I wish you good luck in jail. Judging by the way you look, your time in jail is really going to be hell for you. I give it a year before the abuse of other prisoners completely breaks you.

Now off I go to meet my next fatality.

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