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Kiara Scott Interview

Because of Kiara's busy schedule we were unable to get a recorded interview but she was able to give us a written interview. She is extremely talented as you will see in our new short film, "Take Me!"

Tell us a little about yourself and your background. Well, I have always had a passion for music, arts and entertainment. My mother always thought I was an odd child as I would recite dialogue from films and television. Can you describe what influenced you to pursue a career as an actor? Just my genuine passion for the entertainment industry. I felt I was always doing the wrong thing until I started acting. What kind of roles would you love to play in the future? I would love to do anime voice-over! I adore anime and watch it regularly; I could definitely see myself doing Anime! Some of my dream characters to play would Usagi from Sailor Moon, Kagome from Inuyasha or Miu from Kenichi! How do you rehearse a scene if the other actors you need to interact with in the scene are not available? In the past this was an issue, now if I do not have a reader I'll use apps such as WeAudition. I'll sometimes use Facebook messenger and have an out of town relative assist. Where do you go to practice loud vocal exercises? I have a nice studio set up in my basement, so I am able to let it all out, which is good because I might scare others around me.

What steps do you take to fully understand the importance of your character to the story? I deep dive into my character. I try to get to know not only the type of person they are but how this particular person would react to a certain situation. Practice, practice, practice! When you think you've said something too many times, say it even more. There's no such thing as being too prepared I believe. What is your favorite project that you have worked on and why? So far, commercial filming has been the most fun and intriguing gig I've done. Voice-overs are also so much fun because you have room to work how you feel comfortable. Although, I have a new upcoming opportunity that will be testing my full abilities, so I'm very excited about that. What kind of movies are your favorite? I love sci-fi& fantasy, fictional or action-packed films. I also love period pieces as well as a good gangster film. My favorite will still be The Godfather. What would be your advice be for someone who wants to become an actor? Make sure it's what you want. There is so much time, dedication, hard work, finances, and self-discipline. I spend a lot more time away from my family now, and it's the reason why some opportunities I must turn down at times. What are you working on now? I am working on a Dinner Detective theater show that runs on weekend nights and we perform live in front of an audience. I also have two upcoming voice-over projects that will be recorded in a professional studio, and I can't wait!

Where can people see your other work?

I have a StarNow profile where the majority of my work is showcased. I also have a twitter, and tiktok feed I try to keep up to date.

Thank you Kiara for your amazing job of bringing the character of Kim in this project. Looking forward to seeing your career grow.

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