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Libbie Baylinson: Bonding with Humor

During her seasonal visits from New York to Florida, Libbie throws herself into voice acting and theater. This is the second time I got to work with Libbie and, even though she plays a monster in both of these films, she is such a sweet heart and funny. She is incredibly talented and I look forward to someday - hopefully - work with her again.

Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

My name is Libbie Baylinson!

I grew up in East Hampton, NY- and I moved to sunny Vero Beach, FL 5 years ago! I spend most of my time either at a theatre or at the beach. I enjoy acting onstage as well as recording voiceovers.

Can you describe what influenced you to pursue a career as an Actor?

I’ve always had a special bond with humor and acting. I used acting as a source of humor, doing things my friends would never do, saying things they’d never say, and turning myself into different characters- just to get a laugh. When I was young, it was this that made me realize- I had to pursue a career in Acting.

Once I moved to Florida, I got involved in some local theaters / joined some apps to audition for voiceover roles- and now here I am!

Where do you go to practice loud vocal exercises?

I have 2 roommates,2 birds and a dog- So I always practice/record loud lines in my car!

What kind of movies are your favorite? And what roles would you like to play in the future? I really love comedies!! I would really love to voice for an animated comedy someday soon. I have a funky voice I’ve been working on!

What’s the first thing you do to research and approach a role?

During the voiceover process, obviously the very first thing I do is read the script. I want to know how it starts, what it’s about, and how it ends. All of those contribute to how the characters voice should sound. I take into consideration how old, funny, serious, kind, angry etc the character is, and I try to mold the voice to match the character!

Favorite inspirational quote?

“Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances.” -Sanford Meisner

What is your favorite project that you’ve worked on and why?

Although I love “A Mother’s Love”, My ultimate favorite Voiceover project was actually narrating a climate change video for a girl in college. It sounds silly- but I really enjoyed playing around with the serious tone and inflection! I felt like I was voicing for National Geographic or something lol!

What are you working on right now?

I am working on a short film, “Smile” by Brownland Productions. And I have an audition for a play next month!

Where can people see your other work?

I have an Instagram dedicated to posting about my theatre/acting/voiceover work. Check it out!

I also recently joined TikTok!

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