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Meet The Cast of "Take Me."

Production is about to start so while you are waiting, let me introduce the cast of "Take Me!"

Listed in Alphabetical order.


Paqt, the q is silent, enjoys being outdoors and trying new adventures. I also enjoy traveling with my wife and have two teenage children that will turn anyone's hair grey. I like to make people laugh using improv in everyday life. Acting continues to interest me and voice over work provides added flexibility while still allowing me to create new characters.


Being a working mother of two, Kiara is also an aspiring voice actress/model. Born in Kansas, she migrated to Nebraska where she confined her professional engagements to voice overs, singing and modeling gigs. Her broadcast assignments include Doctor Who: The Audio Adventures with Taylor'D Vision Productions. She will also be starring in the upcoming play A Streetcar Named Desire with the Chanticleer Community Theater located in Council Bluffs, Iowa.


Dale is a 32 year old actor, musician, gamer, woodworker and horticulturist from the beautiful state of Colorado deep within the United States. He toured the world as the front man for a death metal act while being coached as a classical baritone/bass singer by a talented Opera singer. After years of playing music he has found a passion for voice over and aims to build a career that will allow him to show his full range of character voices. You can find examples of horror narration he has done via his YouTube and see him live stream twice a week via Twitch.


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