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My Beard

So I am coming home from work and getting excited because my daughters should be at the house when I get home. It was then that I realized that I forgot to shave the night before. My daughters hate my facial hair. I started to think back on the time I forgot to shave last time which went like this:

I walk in the door.

Me: (excited to see my daughters) Hi my beautiful princesses!

Vikkie: (looking at me then putting her hands on her hips): Daddy! You didn't shave. We have talked about this.

Samie: (looking up at me than shaking her head) He really needs to listen.

I then started to think that maybe they got over it, and maybe this time when I walked in the door they wouldn't even notice that I forgot to shave. Yeah, they will be so happy to see me. because we didn't get to see each other last weekend, that they won't even noticed that I didn't shave.

When I walked in the door:

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