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New Hope City

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Welcome to New Hope City, a lovely place to live if you don't mind the fact that it is completely godless and secretly run by demons. Between people who look out for just themselves and a church that preaches wrong doctrine, you would think God was ready to go all Sodom and Gomorrah on it. Luckily for the people of this city, God is merciful. So He decided to send yours truly. My name is Julies and Julies Rules Baby! I have no idea why He would send me, because I am far from being considered a Christian. Women and booze are my true passion and I have a strong feeling that those are no nos in the Bible. Anyway, God sent me to clean up this town. Yeah, yeah, there are other people that are on my team, but since I am the most appealing to the eyes I am only going to mention myself. So let's get down to the point. I am giving notice to all you demon turds. I hoped you enjoyed your time in New Hope City because things are about to change. I am here to spread open your skulls and spread God's Word. While Jesus is setting the captives free, I'm going to be handing out beat downs on every one of you ugly demon turds. I say God belongs in this city and I dare you walking pieces of manure to step up against me!

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