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Productive Day

A Mother's Love - new script by Jason J. Cross

A very productive day. Got to do some pre-production work done on my next short comedy tentatively called "Ask Jason," the first episode of a web series where I painfully get answers to common questions. The first episode will ask the question, "How do you keep a woman happy. My special guest stars will be Batman, Jason Voorhees, Darth Vader and Indiana Jones. Hopefully will start filming/animating soon.

My new script tentatively called, "A Mother's Love," is something I am hoping to do as a live action but I would have to put together a possible crew to do it. Since I no longer have my camera after the fire that destroyed my apartment I am not sure how I am going to do it. Hopefully I will be able to film it, if not then I will either release it as a animation or just write it as a short story. Stay tuned.

Well that is all I got for tonight, stay tuned as more develops in these two projects.

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