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Thank you Lord

How many times Lord

Must I continue to beg for forgiveness

Before I live and breath your word

Instead of giving into impulsiveness

For you are worthy oh Lord

Of all my attention

Knowing your love for me

Should be enough for sin prevention

Yet I keep going back

To the same old sins

Knowing that they are wrong

As the devil grins

Here I am again

Begging you to forgive me

Pleading you please not to

Forget me and leave me be

For you my Lord

Is what me heart desires

Please don't turn from me

Bring back to my heart your fire

Once again I sinned

Against you my Lord

Please grant me mercy

Don't strike with your sword

In my heart

May you do your work

And remove all this darkness

No matter where it may lurk

Please do great work

To make me you are proud of

Cause I hate the sins I do

All I want is your love

I pray so hard

That you hear my cries

And help me become strong

To resist the devil's lies

I know my Lord my God

With your help I will make it through

Cause without any doubt

My heart longs for you

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