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To Do

All these dark thoughts

Running through my Brain

Feeling all this power

As I cause you a lot of pain

See you there bleeding

And all that precious gore

You are begging to make it stop

But that just makes me want it more

So powerful and tough

Now you beg for mercy

But how much of you

Will I leave for her to see

Shall she see you

Crying in a puddle of red

Or shall she find you

Completely mutated and dead

From the day I first saw you

I knew I could not rest

Until I got to witness

Blood coming from your chest

I regret getting too excited

When I first struck with the knife

I should have made shallow cuts

To help prolong your worthless life

I will do much better

When I finish the loose end

Take my time and move slower

When it comes to your girlfriend

I am sick of the begging

Crying that you are too young

But all of that will stop

As I take out your tongue

I do want you to see everything

And this is not a lie

What happens to her

With your one good eye

Hear every ghastly scream

As she calls out in fear

Which is the reason why

I only ripped off one ear

Nothing really to smell

Which is why, I suppose

I had absolutely no problem

Biting off your nose

Oh the horror on her face

Seeing your exposed guts

And I can't even imagine

When she sees your nuts

See and hear everything

I am going to do to your whore

Time to get ready

Cause I hear her at the door

You may wonder why

Why I choose you two

It's because you were home

And I had nothing better to do

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