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Tohno Teh - No Regrets

When first hearing Tohno's audition for Thug 2 in "A Mother's Love," he caught my attention right away. He introduced himself and said "If you can't remember it, it's a T and a OH NO!" I laughed so hard that I almost spit up my drink onto my computer. Luckily I was able to turn away in time or this project would be dead in the water and I would have to sue him for the destruction of my computer. Unluckily, my wife was standing near by and took the hit. So thanks a lot Tohno, because of you I had to sleep on the couch.

So let me introduce to you a mighty fine actor and the new nemesis of my wife.

Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

My name’s Tohno, I’m currently based in Melbourne Australia. I am trained as a physiotherapist but decided to try my luck at the creative arts in 2019.

Can you describe what influenced you to pursue a career as an actor?

I’ve always enjoyed anime and cartoons when I was young, Batman the animated series, transformers, X (Clamp series anime quite old), D.N.Angel. and am always amazed at the talent people have for voices Mark Hamill for one is an amazing voice actor.

But what pushed me to jump was after working one day in a nursing home having loads of clients voicing their life regrets near their end of life, I thought maybe I should live life a little more and try things which is a tad uncommon. And thus began m journey into acting/voice-acting.

What kind of roles do you think you are best suited for?

As an actor, voice actor, I think like the younger or quirkier type of characters or the dramatic kind of character.

What kind of roles would you love to play in the future?

Villains, because it would be fun!

How do you rehearse a scene if the other actors you need to interact with in the scene are not available?

I record their lines on my own and play them through audacity. Not the desired outcome, but occasionally helps find the meaning behind their lines too.

Where do you go to practice loud vocal exercises?

The Car, it works wonders.

What is your favorite project that you have worked on and why (except this one of course LOL)?

There’s a project called “The Perfect Spread” I kind of have a love-hate relationship with it, I love it because the team gave me the opportunity to be the lead in the short and its hilarious comedic writing, it pains me that I could have done much better it now with the skillset I have compared to that time when I just began learning acting.

Describe your most challenging role to date.

I think doing a voice-over project for a Fan-made Dragonball project, it was tricky due to finding ways of the character that resonates with me and what the audience already know about the character was already established in the original material yet making the character sound lived-in.

What kind of narrative games are your favorite?

• Red Dead Redemption

• Assassins Creed Ezio’s timeline

• Yakuza 0

• Frostpunk

What would be your advice be for someone who wants to become an actor?

Start making stuff and get people together to make stuff! Make art! Don’t wait any longer!

What are you working on now?

Just a few other short student films, a bit tricky due to COVID lockdowns at the moment. And also a couple of smaller mini creative funny projects of mine ;)

Where can people see your other work?

DBZ Toybridged [voiced a few characters but credit to Jordy for the brilliant writing]:

Where can people find you online?

More actively on Instagram

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