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What a Horrible End

I remember it

Like Yesterday

When by my side

Is where you lay

I'm missing those

Days again

Life was good

Life was Zen

With a sparkle in your eye

And that beautiful smile

Your presence is hard to ignore

But I haven't seen it in a while

What a loss

An Albatross

Both you & me

Can never be

What a horrible end

To a wonderful team

How a nightmare

Came from a dream

How it can change

One twist of fate

When there was love

Now filled with hate

How I miss the days

All the time we spend

How I would like to go back

And have my memories append

All is gone

Set a yon

Our history

Now misery

What a horrible end

What happened to us

We had so much to say

Now nothing to discuss

Our once beautiful day

Is now covered by an eclipse

And never again hold you close

And never again taste those lips

Though there is nothing left

And there are no remedies

I will forever hold you

In my deepest memories

What a cost

So much is lost

Never wanted to see

No more you and me

What a horrible end

No hope around the bend

What a horrible end

That I can no longer call you a friend

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