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You Can Run . . .

Julia wants to sober up, will the people she trusts the must help or push her towards her down fall?

This was my Thesis Film and I am very proud it. I remember my teachers had advised that I didn't attempt something so long because of the time I had to do it but I was able to pull it off. I remember I finished the project on a Thursday and on Friday my nightmare began when my computer crashed and I lost everything with the film due on Monday. I stayed up from Friday night till Monday morning with no sleep but was able to complete the film. I got so sick after that but it was worth it - being able to pull off where most people felt I wouldn't be able to.

Since this film is actually available to purchase on Amazon, all I can show you here is the preview I made for the film. Check out my store with instructions on how to rent or buy this film - the DVD version includes a blooper reel.


Starring Julia Bernal and Sarah Yu

Music by Digital Juice

Written and Directed by Jason J. Cross

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